UHF/VHF Trunking

We are the area leader with VHF and UHF trunking. Whether you have Kenwood or Motorola radios, you will quickly agree that Ten-Four offers superior airtime service. With Kenwood’s TK-7180 or TK-8180 radios you get unparalleled quality and value, FCC narrow band compliance, and a cost effective communications solution that you can rely for years to come.

Unlimited Airtime

Are you paying $25.00 or more for unlimited cellular talk time? Don’t pay per minute, eliminate surprises. With just the push of a button you can talk to all or part of your staff. With Kenwood trunked radios, it’s private too, you won’t hear other companies and they won’t hear you. We have single site solutions from $15.00 per month for unlimited airtime! Business has enough surprises there is no need to let your communications costs be one too. We offer flat rate pricing for unlimited airtime and it’s less expensive than cellular! You don’t even have to dial, just push the button talk!

We are a leader in VHF and UHF trunking through out the Central California valley. If we don’t have exactly what you need, we have constructed sites and coverage to meet specific customer needs and can do the same for you. From Sacramento to Fresno, we systems built to meet your needs.

What Two Way can for you?

Do you need …

  • Voicemail?
  • Short or Long text messages?
  • Selective Call or Group Call?
  • Status messaging?
  • GPS?
  • Built in voice inversion scrambler?
  • Encryption?
  • No billing surprises?

Did you know that two way radios can do that?

Kenwood’s new 180 series radios can do all that and more? All these features can be found in both UHF or VHF portable handhelds and mobile units!